16 January 2014

The Ultimate Guide for Students to Finance Their Studies Abroad

Studying abroad seems to be a serious undertaking but, eventually, it leads to great careers and higher salaries. Though, online education is a huge trend, young people still want to get quality education in on-campus universities to pursue their career with more skills as these are accredited. However, it is also something unfortunate that arranging finances to study abroad does not seem easy to many, who want to become the part of any foreign educational institute. But, if you know smart ways of arranging money with more planning, preparation, and creativity, you can afford studying abroad. Today, we will show you few unusual ways that can help you arranging finances for studying abroad:
Student Loan to Get Scholarship:
One of the best ways to arrange finances for studying abroad is to use your student loan. Make sure that the plan you have been registered is federally recognized to avoid any future hassle. Also, you can look for scholarships offered by many universities for the students to manage finances while studying aboard.
Besides investing your own student loan for scholarship, you can also look for any online scholarship offers, like an ongoing nice contest for students over at RateSupermarket. Other resources to get information on scholarships are:
1- Nafsa
1-Year Saving:
Many people only focus on arranging finances to pay tuition fee and house rent, which is why they prefer getting student loans or scholarships, but they forget that they have to bear daily expenses too. These expenses will include food, laundry, transport, etc. Therefore, it’s the better to start saving some money at least one-year before going abroad for studying. You must have to save much to bear the expenses of at least $700 to $1000 each month.
finance abroad
Finance abroad: Stockvault

There are many business and individuals, who can sponsor you for studying aboard. To arrange such a sponsor, you can take your university help or can search into local business resources, like Rotary club. Also, you can conduct an online search. Apart from this, if you are interested in working with any particular organization, you can also contact that company to sponsor you for studies and, in return, you will serve them with your services in future.
Bon Voyage Party:
It is one of the unique ways to arrange funds for your study. Plan out a bon voyage and invite all your friends, family members, neighbors, and other familiars to raise fund. All of your guests should be aware of the fact that why you are arranging this party. Tell them the cause and goal of arranging a party on your invitation card.
Job Abroad:
Getting a job abroad is one of the most common ways to arrange finances in order to manage your monthly expenses. It works only if your selected company allows students to work. You can get this information either from your study abroad program counselor or host country’s consulate site before you apply for a job abroad.
Internet is the best place to achieve your goals. There are dozens of sites, which provide you a platform start fundraising campaign to get donations for your foreign study. You mush know some of them, like:
Just starting a campaign is not enough; you will have to strive hard to promote them on social media sites with your personal and school email signature to make them more authentic and public.
Final Words:
All these ways are best to arrange finances to make your foreign study dream come true. You can adopt any one or go for all, which ever suits you best. The early you plan and start making arrangements, the sooner you will get results.


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