23 January 2014

Inspiring Young Children to Read

Convincing a child who hates books to read can be an extremely daunting task, especially if we’re dealing with the most stubborn kid who just won’t switch a video game console for a book. In most cases, the parents are to blame for their kids’ hate for books. If you haven’t been paying too much attention on your child’s hobbies and passions lately, maybe it’s time to rethink your priorities; otherwise, you’ll end up with a TV addict who will never know who Huckleberry Finn was.  

Inspiring Children to Read: Flickr Harald Groven
Inspiring a love for reading is devastating, especially if your precious son/daughter doesn’t like books. We must admit that technology hinders our abilities to raise our kids the right way, so rather than turn it off for good, it’s best to use it in your advantage. Here’s how:

Buy an iPad

Buying an iPad and using it to make your child start loving books is more like a trend these days. Your kid might not like actual books, but he will certainly love the beautiful images on a smart device. With Kindle and iBooks at your disposal, who needs books anymore? Organize periodic reading session, choose enticing books, and let your kids discover the wonders of an interesting plot on their own. Don’t forget to limit their reading time on the iPad in order to keep them interested. 

Read to your kids every night

Your 9-year old might not like reading, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading to him/her every night. Choose an interesting book and find a way to maintain their interest. Mystery books, adventure books like “Harry Potter” or “The Hobbit” will definitely make them want to know more. It will be difficult at first and you might have to deal with your kids’ grumpy attitude, but try not to give up. 

Reward your kids for every chapter read

The best way to convince your kids to read is to reward them after they’re done. They might not like the activity, but they will surely adore that chocolate cake you’ll be making for them afterwards. Don’t force them though, and let them pick their own books. It might be a good idea to stock your bookcase with new books your kids might like. 

Make reading fun

A lot of books for kids have onomatopoeia and rhythmic sounds, so use them to make reading a fun activity. These specific literary techniques additionally involve action and mimicry, which are really important for the little ones. It’s important to make your kids become part of the story and not just force them read for the sake of reading. If they’re not enjoying the activity, they’ll never see it as a relaxing endeavor. 

Reading out loud

Children should be thought by their parents that reading is important. The best way to do that is by organizing a reading session with the whole family. Make it a weekly ritual; bring the whole family together, create a suitable environment in the sunroom for example or by the fireplace, and engage in the experience. After the session is done, devote a couple of minutes to talk about the story. Ask kids what they understood, what they liked, disliked, and so on. Don’t forget to keep things fun.

Visit local libraries

Another great way of making your children curious about reading books is to take them to the local library. Don’t buy anything for them at first, and pick something for you only. We all know kids are curious, so 2-3 visits a week will eventually make them want to read too. Recurrent visits create a ritual, so it will be a lot simpler for you to instill a passion for books in your stubborn kids.

It’s official! Kids hate reading books because they’re used to playing video games all day long. As a responsible parent it’s your job to inspire a love for reading in your kids. How do you do that? Simple; start by limiting TV and computer time, make reading fun, and never force your kids to read a certain book you’ve chosen for them. Be a role model, read frequently, and don’t forget to make your home a book-friendly environment.


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