29 January 2014

E-learning – A Vibrant Approach to Make Your Career

With the world turning into a global village and the prerequisite of skilled individuals taking a vibrant approach in top industry, the aspiration of pursuing long-term courses in traditional colleges is constricting – not because a few institutions exist to offer such courses, but because today's people are more than conscious to study them while earning their livelihood. Yes, these days the entire scenario of education has changed. We opt to study short-term courses over long term. It is owing to the fact that long-term courses take much time in shaping our career if we compare it with the time consumed by short-term courses.  It is challenging in the age where skills and talents, learned with thorough study (long-term courses)  matter much to flourish our career than the knowledge gained from short-term courses. 

My question is, what is the best way to enhance our knowledge and skills while working an organization? “Isn't there any alternative that can help us study our  courses and work in organizations as well? Or isn't there any way that can help us enhance our talent and skills in the particular field we are hoping to enhance our career growth? All these questions have simple answer and that is E-learning. Yes, e-learning is the finest approach to hone your skills and increase quality knowledge along with working jobs. Let's understand what the E-learning is all about and what are the challenges and benefits an individual comes across.


In this highly technological world, online has unearthed as one of the top most sources to solve any issues. E-learning is the part of it. The effect of online study continues to expand. It is designed by professionals with  an aim to enable schools, institutes, colleges or universities to educate their aspirants – whether or not they are engaged in jobs -  at cost effective way. With this availability, those who are separated by space or time have a multitude of choices to study their courses in order to furnish their skills and knowledge.

In fact, E-learning programmes are growing miraculously to learn in educational institutions today. This electronic mode offers extraordinary opportunities to individuals who have otherwise limited scope to access proper education, who have left their long-term courses incomplete or who want to expand their knowledge while working. E-learning is the new paradigm for educators in which dynamic courses of higher quality can be developed. Through this technology, students are able to get an excellent method to receive effective education. No doubt, it is the finest medium of courses delivery unbound by time or location, which provides applicants with accessibility to get information at any time and from anywhere.

Advantages of E-learning

Here are what existing institutes offering E-learning courses and those who learn through this medium say about the benefits of this new way of teaching.

·      They say that e-learning has increased the student's learning. According to them, this method has enabled those students to complete their education who were not able to pursue long-term courses for certain reasons.

·      Most of the students indulged with electronic education believe that they communicate better in a web based environment than in the conventional classroom. They say that e-learning is good for those students who do not raise a hand in the classroom are very frank and active to participate in online discussion programmes.

·      While pursuing their courses online, learners are able to use many technology resources to gain information and skill required such as online discussion board, lecture environment, testing and assessment, chats, audio and video conference, etc.
E-Learning from home: Stockvault

·      E-learning technology continues to become greatly accessed and implemented by the people and for the people of all walks of life. It is more integrated as an invisible and ever-present part of a global education system.

·      It is the best resource to design an important skill for corporate trainers and adult educators to have. Moreover, e-learning is the universal access. Due to the internet protocols and widely available web browsers, the same training programme can be delivered to virtually any computer anywhere in the world.

·      In addition, students enjoy cost effective rate to complete their education – no travel costs to reach schools, no facilities costs if someone applies for hostels. Most importantly, there is a great amount of time saving. The time needed for online learning is maximum 50%.

What makes it challenging

Below are certain challenges for e-learning educators

·      It is important to keep in mind that a good institution cannot rescue the bad online learning. Hence, educators need to focus on designing the programme, which is a big challenge for them.

·      Institutions must take technology intensive seriously. E-learning sometimes does depend on a complex system of software, hardware, protocols and network infrastructure. Though there is an increase in demand of e-learning, but technical problems continue to occur. There is a need of quality technical support

·      Information measure is the major concern – audio, video, including other rich media components are needed for high-speed connections. Lack of it puts a strain on limited-capacity organizational networks.

·      There are some courses in which face-to-face training is a 'must have' requirement. E-learning does not provide this opportunity. This may seem to be an issue in any organization where training is seen as a peak.

·      In order to offer quality and successful E-learning programme, it is essential for institutions to re-examine the goals of their course, activities, and assessment methods. If they do not, they are spoiling career of one who studies with them.

·      In an online course, to create an effective sense of community is challenging. Whereas, in a traditional course, the community develops naturally. An online education programme provided by institutes should include "getting to know their candidates" activities.


Overall, it can be said that E-learning course is the better option for those candidates who are unable to find sufficient time to attend the regular classes in schools or institutes. Before applying for an online course, they should ensure that the institute they are going to apply is able to provide them with proper assistance to educate them or not. It will be the best approach for students to enhance their education and increase knowledge even after they are engaged in their jobs.

Author bio : Sumit Dawas is a leading content strategist for www.learnwithflip.com, a largest e- training and certification offering in  Banking and finance in India.


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E-Learning is the great way to study while sitting from any part of the country.

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Absolutely, Sumit, E-learning is the finest option to educate even those who are not able to pursue education because of being engaged with their job.

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