03 December 2013

Make the Most Out of Your Career with SAP Certification

SAP is a technology that is high on demand and has helped professionals belonging to any sector or industry to shape up their career and move to the higher positions. Therefore, I will not be wrong if I say that it is one of the careers where more and more job options are available. 

What is SAP?

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing, which was developed by five German engineers in 1972. You can understand the popularity of SAP by the fact that out of 10, 9 Fortune 500 corporations are extensively using SAP.

SAP has become an important part of the ERP market and this is the reason why the demand for SAP consultants has gone up considerably. SAP has "franchised" function implementation and maintenance of customer facilities. To ensure the quality of this model, SAP establishes approvals of both consulting firms and professionals. It certifies professionals in each of their specialties, and business consulting projects according to their scores and the percentage of the professionals who are certified. In short, to enter the SAP job market through the front door, the candidate must be certified in one of the SAP specialties.

SAP Certification Programs

Some of the most popular SAP certification programs are:

·       SAP Business One
·       SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)
·       SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP)
·       SAP Industry Solutions
·       SAP Product Lifecycle Management – PLM
·       SAP Solution Manager
·       SAP Supply Chain Management – SCM

To get started in the world SAP consultant, there are two options when it comes to take up SAP courses:

·       Get trained in a module, which is perhaps the closest to your academic knowledge and certifies you for a job in any consultancy. You can get started in the early years as you grow up as a SAP consultant. After this period, and depending on the opportunities of the projects in which you are already working, you can expand your knowledge in some other related module. With additional training, such as project management, you could reach senior levels where you will be given more responsibilities.

·       Develop a more comprehensive training of the SAP professional world. Learn the core modules that make up the "core" of any company, get certified in the module that is also the "core" of the SAP solution, and know the methodology of SAP projects, which has important specificities compared to traditional IT project methodology. Finally gain some experience in the implementation of SAP solutions with the Business Blueprint methodology before starting the journey in the labor market.

The first option can develop while being in the academia or in the SAP itself. The second responds to a graduate or master in SAP Consulting, which is usually taught by any institute specializing in the field of Project Management. This option requires little investment and return is short, but has very limited chances of promotion with medium and little future projection.

Obviously, the second option gives you many more opportunities in the labor market and helps you to qualify for higher responsibilities. It is a commitment to ROI in the medium term but much higher profitability for the assessment of the profile in the labor market. The output profile is junior / senior experienced allowing very rapid progression to senior positions.

By gaining SAP certification, you can be assured of a whole slew of opportunities even during the economic crisis. You can get started as an employee or as a SAP consultant. In today's cutthroat competition, those who hold the SAP certification, certainly have an added advantage over their peers.

 Author Bio: A professional writer, Rashmi Karan writes for the leading education portals for the higher education aspirants. Contact her to seek suggestions about the higher education queries. Rashmi regularly contributes her ideas about different educational information such as retail courses, animation courses, various IT institutes like Aptech, Arena, NIIT and many more.


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