02 November 2013

4 Financial Sources You Can Tap for a College Education

Ah, a college degree. The ticket to a better and more comfortable life. The answer to your parents’ prayers. The ultimate achievement of a lifetime.

Getting a college degree insures anybody to live a better life that is full of opportunities. However, no matter how nice and fulfilling it is to get a college degree, the skyrocketing costs of such an education somehow hinders many people to get it. If your parents can afford to send you to college, then lucky you! However, the same cannot be said for everybody.

Even so, there are a lot of ways to send yourself to college, they may not be really the best choices out there but they can really help you get a degree. Some of those financial sources you can tap are:

1.     Scholarships.

If you belong to the top ten of the class, you can find a lot of organizations that are willing to fund your college education. So if you are part of the cream of the crop, don’t waste that gift! Use that to get a college scholarship.

If you are not academically inclined, but you are into arts like dancing, singing or acting, you can still find a scholarship to apply for in college. There are companies who are widely known for supporting talented individuals.

If you are the athletic type, then you might get a scholarship by being part of a school’s varsity team. However, being a varsity player does not excuse you to maintain high grades. So still, more pressure on you!

Nevertheless, if you are not part of the cream of the crop, an artist or a player, you can still try to find organizations or politicians that can offer you some financial assistance for your college education. Just be ready to impress and do well with your grades!
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2.     Government Loans.

The government offers individuals who want to pursue college with student loans. The only problem with this option is the interest that you will be paying even after you graduate. There is a lot of pressure if you choose this option because you need to push yourself to land a well paying job after graduation just to pay off your debt. But if you are willing to sacrifice, you can go with it.

3.     Be a Working Student.

It’s not easy to work and study at the same time, but if we gotta go for our dreams and reach the stars, then we really need to work our butts off. A lot of successful people were also working students before- working menial jobs such as waiting tables, dishwashing, manning cashiers and the like, but they later rose to managerial positions and better working environments after college. So if they made it, there’s no reason that you can’t.

4.) Ask Help from a Relative

If you have an aunt, uncle or any close relative who is willing to finance your college education, then good for you! Grab that opportunity immediately.

5.) Find Cheaper Alternatives

There are colleges that do not really cost that much. Community colleges for one are more affordable compared to bigger universities. But if your dream is to really get in a very prestigious one, you might have to wait a bit longer to make that dream come true. You can go on a small, community college first and after getting your degree, get a nice job and enter your dream school later on. By that time, you may have the financial resources to afford it.

Financial woes are not just the kind of problem you will encounter in getting a college degree, sleepless nights and brain racking exams await you during your years of study. Well, we are not discouraging you, we’re just telling the truth!

Nevertheless, nothing can stop anyone if he/she really wants to get that degree. As the saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Indeed, a lot of ways can be found if you are really adamant in pursuing.

Never say that financial challenges are a hindrance to your success, money and funds can be gotten anywhere, but an education cannot be picked out from anywhere. More so, such intelligence and skill is priceless- it may take some money to acquire it formally, but the end is a most valuable thing.

If you are lucky and determined enough to push through a degree, then there’s no telling about how high you can go with such success in hand. But remember that the real challenge does not end after you graduate, it goes on out onto the real world.

About the Author:

Gracezyl Blanco is a content writer and quality specialist at Gradshop- a leading manufacturer of Academic Regalia. As a working student, she also had her fair share of ups and downs. Now that she is a full time employee, she continues to give support to struggling students by giving tips and advices.


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