30 October 2013

About Careers in Sales Management

The ideal sales managers are multi-taskers who not only oversee the work of the sales team, but also strategize, create agendas and train other members of the team. Sales managers spend majority of their time managing customer complaints and must be trained well to be diplomatic to keep everyone happy. If you are seeking to build a career as a sales manager, you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and work hard to achieve success. The following article will familiarize you with careers in sales management and what it takes to be a sales manager. 

About Sales Management
Sales jobs can be found in several industries, including telecommunications, property management, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness. Even though the underlying aim of the job is to sell a product, be it a house, software or medicine; the job of a sales manager requires you to identify the client’s requirements and have the power to anticipate the demand.  
You also need to stay updated on the latest innovations and technologies, be able to communicate well and must know how to ask probing questions. This way you can truly analyze a customer’s needs.

To begin with you can start working as an outside sales representative, where you will also get commission and bonuses. Sales professionals eventually get used to receiving fluctuating income as sales jobs offer a lesser base salary but give high commission on percent basis of the deal you strike. With commissions, sales professionals earn significantly and earn a huge sum total.

However, all this comes at a later stage when you excel in this field and can manage to make sales. Apart from having eyes for the market trends, sales executives need to beat the competition and stay on top of their game with the help of technical knowledge. So when you land a sales job as a fresher, make sure you receive the proper training and are
introduced to the technology you will be working with, especially if you are not very techno-savvy.  
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Education for Sales Management

While courses and degrees give you detailed insights into sales theories, one certainly needs practical experience along with a desire to learn, to outdo competition and anticipate the needs of a client. However, venturing into this field without a major degree in marketing and business would prevent your career from getting a good head-start. An MBA degree would be the ideal qualification for a sales manager.

Sales As a Career Choice

If you think sales management is the right field for you, brace yourself to sweat it out. This realm is partly about your personality and while applying for a job the recruiters will assess you on certain case scenarios. So prepare through role-playing and personality tests for the entry level jobs in sales. 

The Necessary Personality Traits

Sales managers must be the problem-solvers in a team. They should also look after the setting of goals, meeting them and also exceeding them. It is important for them to have competition in their field or region, so that they go beyond their capabilities to bring out the best.

Among the many hats that a sales manager wears, he also has to turn into a coach and motivator. All good sales managers have to dedicate time to build and develop their team. They have to take time out to interact with subordinates and recognize every individual's capabilities and shortcomings. Sales managers also need to motivate their team to perform well and come up with new solutions.

Planning and Delivering

Not being able to devise a sales strategy is considered a serious failure for a sales manager. Coming up with new plans for the development and sale of a product is the most crucial skill. The best manager chalks out a plan that will clearly set out goals and actions that connect to the business' goals and needs of the end user. They then have to things happen by making the best individual responsible for a particular task.

Scheduling regular meetings may help to track a specific strategy but as a manager it would be your responsibility to ensure that these meetings are not perceived as a waste of time by the others. Use them well as valuable opportunities to highlight issues and major concerns. At the end of the meeting, you must come up with some solutions and offer quick coaching or learning sessions.

A large number of managers shy away from training sessions as they are afraid of the team's reactions. If conducted well, the training can create a healthy climate for constant learning and development, strengthen key skills that help finalize deals and guarantee accomplishment of organizational as well as personal goals.

Author bio: Devika Arora is a prolific writer who compiles relevant facts and analyzes the current state of affairs pertaining to the domain of education and careers. She is currently writing informative articles, news stories and blog posts on different job profiles. The above article discusses about career as a sales manager.


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