08 September 2013

Top 3 Marketing Consulting Positions for 2013

As a marketing consultant you have a unique skill set. You aren’t tied to a specific position. One moment you could be advising a department on their advertisements. The next you could be taking control of a full marketing campaign and guiding it to success. Most consultants prefer to settle into different roles and focus on those instead.

In 2013, some marketing consultant positions have stood out more than most. These are the three positions which are lucrative and are expected to grow over the next 12 months.

Advertising Sales Representative

The advertising sales representative is a third-party worker. He acts on behalf of companies and other marketers. He maintains the accounts and helps with positioning messages in the most effective ways. To qualify for this position, you’ll need an extensive knowledge of market placement. Usually, you’ll focus on specific industries, so it’s handy to have unique insider knowledge of certain disciplines.

This is a position which pays roughly $45,000 per annum. It’s expected to experience modest yet consist growth.

The Marketing Manager

The marketing manager might have a variety of different titles, including the Director of Marketing. This is a self-explanatory position. You’ll have the skills of business administration and marketing. The best thing about being a marketing manager is you don’t need any specialist knowledge. As long as you have a general grasp of marketing you can be a manager.

Most of a manager’s work is taking care of the various niche aspects of a marketing campaign. He must have creative ideas of his own and must be willing to listen to those experts working under him.

Marketing managers are in high demand but require extensive amounts of experience. If qualified, you can expect an average salary of $105,000 per annum.
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Market Research Analyst

To an extent, every person in marketing needs to know how to dissect data. You need to know about the habits of customers so you can tailor your campaign according to their needs. The market research analyst is the person who delves deep into these figures. You’ll normally find them being used in larger companies with separate marketing departments.

The research analyst must initially gather the information and make sure it’s reliable. They need to take this data and spot trends. You’ll need an analytical mind to succeed in this job. Huge growth is predicted with the industry increasing by almost 50 per cent in the next 12 months.

Market research analysts can expect to earn $60,000 per annum on average.

Company Requirements

Remember these skills are only basic descriptions. They don’t take into account the specific skills and attributes required by companies themselves. Carefully research what local companies in your area are looking for in marketing consultants first. The general skills might not be enough.

Many companies will actively look for marketing consultants with experience in their line of work. For example, if you have fashion experience you will have more success if you decide to work with companies involved in retail, clothing, or fashion.

Michelle Patterson is very familiar with the marketing industry as she has worked with companies like http://www.ds-peterboroughweb.co.uk/ throughout her career. She believes it’s important for marketing consultants to diversify and keep updated on current industry trends.


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