13 August 2013

4 Expectations of Office Administration

Office administration is an essential skill to learn for the workplace. The office administrator is a vital part of the office team, keeping supplies and schedules alike organized and supporting the entire team on their projects. If you’re thinking about enrolling in an office administration program, here are a few of the components you should expect to find in any program.

1.         Business Lectures and Professional Conduct

To properly prepare you for the workplace, schools will teach you the basics of business theory and professionalism. The most important part of your course is support skills. You need to be able to support your colleagues in whatever they’re doing to help the company as a whole achieve its goals. The key to this is dealing with people who are working on different jobs.

Other skills you should expect to learn include computer software skills and communication skills in writing, telephone etiquette, and face-to-face conversation.

Every course differs slightly. Program lengths will vary, but as a general rule, they usually range between 6-14 months of full-time, uninterrupted study. This shorter time frame helps students get out of school faster to begin applying their skills in the real world.
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2.         Relevant Skills for the Workplace

Office administration programs focus strongly on skills training, including a variety of software programs. As outcome-oriented programs, students are also prepared to take certain certification exams, such as for accounting software and spreadsheets. Support skills like communication and professionalism are reinforced throughout the program.

A good course will show you exactly what you can expect to experience on the job. They’ll teach you how to apply your newfound skills to a real office environment. This makes the transition from the classroom to the workplace smooth and fast for new graduates.

3.         Certification and Degrees

An office administration degree or relevant certification will never guarantee you a job, but having them is a great way to show a potential employer you have the skills to take the challenges of office administration. In general, employers view certification favorably when filling positions because it objectively demonstrates that applicants possess the skills that they are claiming to have.

4.         Professional, Indutry-Experienced Instructors

You want to be trained by the very best. The people teaching you shouldn’t just be teachers who have learned how to teach a course. They should have some real world experience in their field. Students in these programs will benefit from the experience of business professionals who will help guide their pupils. They can also serve as mentors while students hunt for jobs and encounter problems in their new line of work.

About the Author:

Michelle Patterson is an office administrator from Tennessee and a holder of an office administration degree. She went to MTI College and she believes the right training has a direct influence on your ability to get a job and flourish in your new profession as an office administrator. Other topics that she writes on include alternative energy, healthy living, home design, career advancement, finance, travel, SEO marketing and website content.


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