18 June 2013

How to Write a Personal Statement for MBA Students

Admission into a top MBA program is a goal for many people. A MBA opens opportunities, gives valuable knowledge, and is often the gateway to important management positions. However, the biggest challenge to MBA programs is the application process.

Between the numbers of recent college graduates, mid-career business people upgrading their resumes, and career changers, the competition for prestigious MBA programs is stiff. Therefore, it is very important to make a strong case for why you should be accepted into a particular MBA program.

To do this, use the following tips to submit a strong personal statement for MBA programs.

Tell a Story

One of the most important aspects to personal statement writing is being able to tell a story. Although you may be tempted to write about your job and business experience alone, stories are the best ways to show admissions committees that you’re a perfect fit for their program. But don’t make it into an epic work of fiction. All the program wants to know is who you are as a person, as a businessperson, and how you would fit as a student in their MBA program.

Show Experience

The unfortunate truth is that MBA programs want people who have work experience. Experience is a better weapon in an MBA program application than a great GPA. Most experts state that work experience is a big plus in MBA program applications. But since not all job descriptions are self-explanatory, be sure to include short descriptions.

Be Mindful of Your Language

The business world is dynamic and relies on effective communication skills. This means that the language you use in your personal statement is very important. This means that you should use appropriate terminology and vocabulary for a serious business school. However, don’t go overboard on business jargon, as this can make you seem insincere.

Be Honest

When your application comes off as too generic, most admissions committees at MBA programs will assume that you are being dishonest about your true achievements. To avoid this, keep the information true and personal. Show how you are different from all the other applicants with your unique qualifications.

Avoid Repetition

You will probably send your personal statement along with resumes and CVs. Don’t duplicate experiences and points already provided in your other documents.

Keeping the above tips in mind will help you to write a great MBA personal statement.

Byline: Alex is a writer at Best Essays. He helps other students with their education.


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