25 June 2013

Getting Laptop Insurance in College is Essential

The college years are both an exciting and expensive time in a person's life. It is exciting because it is preparing a student to go out and make his/her mark on the world. It is expensive because tuition, books, room and board, and other living expenses for college students is enough to bankrupt a few third world countries.

To mitigate the financial damage that college inevitably causes, it is a good idea to protect oneself from any unexpected expenses. One good way to do that is by insuring essential devices like laptops.

Economics 101

The average financially prudent college student is already working hard to save a buck whenever possible. Eating cheap meals and walking instead of driving are common ways college students save money. Insuring a laptop is another example of good economic planning. For a comparatively small investment, a student can ensure that unfortunate circumstances will not mean a hefty financial loss down the road.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

It is widely known that the college years can be a bit "free-spirited". Friends and party seekers can and do often show up and behave a bit on the reckless side. Spilled beer, smoke, or even hot food can destroy a laptop. Without replacement insurance, a struggling student may end up incurring major debt to replace it.

Man of Steel

While Superman might be invulnerable to damage, laptops are not. Simply dropping a laptop could render it useless. Other potential causes of laptop destruction include getting stepped on, having something heavy dropped on it, or even being left in a too hot or too cold room for a long time.
Laptop Insurance Policy: Stockphoto

No Honor Among Thieves

Colleges can be, unfortunately, great places for thieves to operate. Many students can be distracted by all the business of college life and forget to take simple measures to protect property. A laptop left alone for only a few minutes can be stolen by a light-fingered larcenist who is in the right place at the right time.

Even the somewhat "safe" haven of a student's dorm room is not really as protected as one might wish. Roommates or people that roommates allow into a room may find the allure of a quick buck via a stolen laptop too hard to resist.

Simple Measures

For the student looking to avoid all the distress that comes with being forced to buy a new laptop, follow a few simple rules. First, backup everything essential. While recovery experts can sometimes save files from a dead computer, if the computer is lost or stolen, those files are gone forever. Make sure that any important documents are stored somewhere other than the laptop hard drive.

Second, store the laptop somewhere secure. Leaving it on the floor, in the bathroom, or on the edge of a table are recipes for disaster. Set it somewhere that is protected from damage. Secure also means not leaving it alone where it could be stolen. For the sake of the laptop, assume that everybody is a potential crook.

Better Safe than Sorry

Finally, make sure that the laptop is insured. Even the most vigilant student will sometimes accidentally lose or break this most necessary of college gadgets. Make that small investment and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing an accident will not cost a fortune.

Desmond Kramer is a freelance writer based in Dayton, Ohio who contributes articles on a variety of topics including computers, gadgets, gadget insurance, cell phones, futuristic technology and other areas as well. Those with iPhones may want to check out the iphone5 insurance brand Protectyourbubble.com.


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