27 June 2013

Choosing the Right MBA Specialization

Within MBA, students and professionals can select from numerous specializations, which include finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, supply chain management, strategy, operations and logistics, and so on.

Face the ‘market’ aspect

Among these specializations, supply chain training in Dubai is the sought-after specialization by international students. Although the field of finance is tough and not everyone has the aptitude to study finance, it continues to be the most lucrative field. Today, management students, have to face the ‘market’ aspect of their profession. By knowing about the business part, people can add to their possibility to succeed in their field, at least while living under the increasing acceptance and adoption of market values.

Specializations gaining momentum

These two specializations seem to be gaining momentum with many candidates opting for these courses. With the growing business complexity, specialization is beginning to receive attention in business schools. Students who have strong management and forecasting skills, with a deep interest in the corporate happenings, can consider it as an option. Both these certification courses are generally one-year long and teach students everything related to the subject, making them a master in that specific field.

Get into the core of business

However, for getting into these training courses, it is very important to know the core of business. A certification course from a reputed B-school gives you in depth knowledge through practical training methods like case study completion, which help you get first-hand knowledge of the industry.

No mid-career crisis, please

Do you drag yourself to your work place every morning? Are you in a happy space when it comes to your professional life? If you are not content with what you are doing, then wake up and smell the coffee. Do not be a victim of mid-career crisis. Experts say that this crisis is characterized by a state of confusion where the employee is dissatisfied and confused with his work and job role. It has been observed that most of the time many high-performing professionals go through a mid-career crisis because they grow very fast during the initial years of their career and later, the pace of growth slows down a little. In such a situation, going for specialized education is not only a welcome relief but also a career booster.

Choosing an MBA: Stockvault

Do value clarification exercise

With changing dynamics in the business world, there are changes within the organizational structure across the globe. And when you feel saturated within an organization it’s time to do a value clarification exercise which will make you think seriously about your career, help you understand in which direction it is going and ask relevant questions on ways to go forward. A well-structured module helps you to connect between your past roles and present one.

Chart the right way

While going for a special training tries to have a clear vision. Always know for sure that it is important to keep yourself updated by acquiring new skill sets. In the process you will surely rediscover and review your strengths and weaknesses which will help you to identify suitable options and opportunities and chart the right way forward.

Update your knowledge

There are several important benefits of keeping up with the latest happenings in the industry. It not only helps you to take better decisions but also helps you to figure out the threats and opportunities faster, that gives you a competitive edge. Going for specializations helps you in shaping your company’s strategy. Up to date knowledge along with specialized training are a lethal combo for building expert power. By gaining expertise in your job, you will get the respect and trust of other employees as well, which is invaluable. Finally, it will help you to become more alert and aware to changes that you need to concentrate on.

Drive for diversity

Studies state that enabling and improving upon the assortment of ideas, cultures and experiences has a positive impact on innovation. Though there is no silver bullet to do so, professionals backed by certified training courses from a reputed institute can create a workforce mix that reflects diversity. It has been observed that this diversity makes a company treat its employee inclusively which positively leaves an impact on the quality of work. It multiplies quantity and ups the quality of both the organization and mid-level professional, giving them a scope to reinvent themselves.

Author Bio:  Sam Andersen is a senior SEO Content writer doing some free part time blogging on management training and Six Sigma Black Belt Dubai and Qatar. If not writing for these, he's on the keyboard writing about food and travel.


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