20 June 2013

Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse

Student life has never been easy for most of us. There are those, who are pressed by financial burdens, do not want to take student loans and cannot proceed with their education. And then there are those who can’t cope with the matter, but still want to delve in the field they have chosen. This applies especially to medical students who were not capable of making the cut. If you are one such student, then perhaps you should take a look at some easier and yet still lucrative opportunities. One of them is becoming an LPN.

What is an LPN you would ask? This abbreviation stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. These specialists apply their skillset to provide sub-expert help for people who are sick, crippled or handicapped in some other way. The exact services which the LPN provides are dependent on the country and state the professional resides in. What matters most, however, is the establishment you work in. Whether you are in a specialized hospital, or a doctor’s office is going to be all that matters. Still, you can become familiar with some of the main tasks which the licensed practical nurse will commit to.

What you need to know above all, is that LPNs are not Registered Nurses and therefore do not have that level of expertise. LPNs work directly under the command of a superior, be it an RN or a doctor. A beginner LPN will commonly serve to provide comfort to patients in different establishments. This will include changing bed sheets, helping them with stool and providing overall comfort and hygiene care. Even though it might seem as a dull, or even revolting job to some, it is actually extremely essential for today’s healthcare. There are many people who cannot cope with their daily activities by themselves.

When it comes to becoming an LPN and why it is useful for people who are impeded from finishing university, there are a few simple facts that need to be stated. First of all, unlike doctors, LPNs get their licensing in no more than a year. There is a large number of licensed programs dedicated to training LPNs all over the world. Based on the requirements derived from your location, you will undergo a course with varying levels of complexity. In the end, you will need to sign up for the NCLEX-PN and take it. If you succeed, you are capable of applying for a license as an LPN.

When it comes to studying during the program, as stated above, different courses will have varying levels of complexity. In all generality, however, you will undergo an extensive course in basic medicine and first aid so that you can commit to your duties. This course will include a practical part in a real hospital environment, which is essential for all aspiring professionals. Keep in mind, though, that despite the fact that you have successfully completed the course, employers might still require you to go through more training once you begin work.

Once you have completed your training and have gathered some experience in the working field, you can then specialize even more. There are LPNs who get an increase in pay after undergoing special training to handle more complex tasks. This will include placement of IV drips and performing some more advanced first aid operations. Such continued specializations are usually demanded by the employer once he or she decides that the specialist deserves a promotion. LPNs can afterwards progress even further by applying for special RN training and becoming registered nurses themselves.

So, you might be wondering why you would want to go through all this and lose a year of your life in training. If helping people in need isn’t stimulus enough for you, then perhaps some statistical facts will be of help. Research has shown that the work of the licensed practical nurse is among the most demanded in the world, and demand keeps rising every day. On average within the United States, the licensed practical nurse working in a hospital will have an annual income of over $40,000. The job also opens up a lot more doors within the healthcare industry.

This is why you should consider this if you are wondering where you can go with your life. This is one profession that is only going to get better over time.


Daisy Liverman said...

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Mark Wright said...

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