30 May 2013

Essential Tools Every Student Writer Should Know and Have

         Being a writer is a difficult job, especially when you rely on your skills for a living. You must be able to convey your ideas and make sure to relate to them in a manner that readers can understand. At the same time, you also have to ensure that what you write is believable and based on facts and information. Otherwise, you will lose your credibility and no one would want to read your work.

            Fortunately, there are a lot of tools which writers can use. Although everything else still depends on your ideas and own style, these aids can help you make a quality output and assists in improving your work by making sure that the content is error free. Hence, here are 10 useful tools an experienced writer should consider looking into.

            With the wide-range of information available on the Internet, it’s no wonder how some people can lift a sentence or two on their papers and make those ideas as their own. In order to prevent being accused of plagiarism, then plagiarism checker Plagtracker is the ultimate tool to check any copyright issues. It has a unique checking algorithm that will immediately inform you if any of the sentences or
paragraphs is similar to other people’s work. Even if you did not copy anything while writing your content, there will be instances that your ideas are already conveyed by the other. Hence, it is better to make use of Plagtracker to make sure that nothing is duplicated. If you want further assistance, a minimal fee is required to purchase the program.

            Google doesn’t want you to keep repeating the same word all throughout your article. To avoid being penalized, then Visual Thesaurus is going to be your new best friend. It gives you the possible choice for every word typed, whether it is a noun or an adjective. To maximize this product, you need to pay for a subscription fee at a minimum price.

            Typing, especially when you’ve been doing it all day, can be exhausting. Luckily, there’s a speech recognition software that allows you to talk and your computer will do the typing for you. Simply say the words and everything else will be translated directly on your computer screen, accurately. Hence, it saves you more time and energy which can help increase your productivity.

            SEO is a very important tool in writing online. If you want to generate the right amount of traffic in your site, then Scribe is essential for you. It follows an online marketing trinity of content, social and search, making sure that all SEO-related areas taken into account by Google will be covered.

            It is an essential add-on that synchronizes all your passwords and bookmarks and at the same time, can be used for searching information, all for free. It will not help your writing career in a big way but it can contribute a lot as it saves you time which you can use to focus on your writing.

            Through this web conferencing service, you are able to talk to your clients in real time while giving you an inexpensive way to share any documents in a secured network. However, it requires a payment of monthly subscription fee, which is still affordable.

            In order to maintain a strong writer-client relationship, then this software should be installed in your computer. Skype is the primary source of communication for most clients since it’s easier and more convenient to use with no fees required. 

            Wridea promotes the idea of collaboration and brainstorming. You simply post an idea and categorize them in pages, ask your friends to give a feedback and encourage discussion and brainstorming among them, to make sure that your ideas get better. If you’re geared towards the creative aspect of writing, then this web service is for you.

            If you have a task that you do most of the time, then MS Word Macros can become handy. It creates a shortcut to a task that you repeatedly which can help you save some time and allows you to focus on more important tasks. You can even use this to organize your daily writing schedule.

            Definitely a useful tool for every writer, the Web SEO Analytics has the most complete tools that will help you meet Google’s online content standards. It has everything you need – plagiarism checker, keyword, link and domain tools, even Web SEO Analysis.

            Although these tools can be useful, the important thing is to be able to provide an original and high quality content article that can attract readers all over the world. 

Sandra Miller is a freelance writer from Brooklyn. She always uses professional editing services help to make her writing perfect. 


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