19 April 2013

Expanding Your Horizons and Experiences for College

There are many ways you can prepare for college. However, the best piece of advice anyone can give you is to expand your horizons while you're still in high school. You give your college applications a boost by participating extracurricular activities, including world travel, volunteering and internships. Recruiters love applicants who have firsthand knowledge, life experiences and a resume filled with responsible activities.


International travel can make a world of difference on your college application. World travel helps you gain knowledge of other cultures and languages. This knowledge cannot be taught in a classroom and can only be learned through getting that stamp on your passport. World travel shows you're willing to step out of your comfort zone, that you're curious and that you have the initiative to experience new things.

If you want to take your overseas experience to the next level, volunteer abroad. Turning your world travel into a volunteering experience will further expand your appreciation of new cultures and will have college recruiters putting your application at the top of the pile.


A recent addition to high school curriculums is the requirement that students complete a certain amount of volunteer hours. Not all high schools require it, but it's becoming common for students to dedicate some volunteer hours. Volunteering in the community or overseas can help you gain knowledge and experience that shows college recruiters you are a go-getter. There are many different
types of volunteer opportunities you can sign up for while still in high school, including summer camps, local sports programs, animal shelters and overseas training programs.


Having work experience through an internship will give you a boost in the competitive race to college acceptance. By working as an intern, you'll be able to put your classroom knowledge to work while gaining work experience in your desired field of study. High school internships are available in a variety of job fields, including communications, education, electronics, engineering and nursing. Many times, your high school will be able to help you find internship opportunities. They may even have internship programs already established with local businesses. Not only does the internship look good on your college application, you'll also be able to decide before entering college if it's the right career path for you. Plus, you already have your foot in the door and have great work references for when you do graduate college.

College recruiters look for well-rounded students with more than just classroom knowledge. Getting a little bit of each of these extracurricular activities may help you get the edge you need. Sit down and talk with your guidance counselor to discuss the different ways you can participate in these activities and find out which ones are best suited for you. Get involved wherever you can. Life experiences are just as important as a solid education. Achieving both before entering college is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life. In addition to the impressive achievements you'll list on your college applications, you'll have the benefit of doing good work.


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