12 February 2013

Do You Want to Go to Dental School?

After watching their older siblings, other relatives and friends struggle to find a job after graduating from college, many young adults are starting to seriously question whether their intended career is the right choice. Therefore, before they enroll in such a program, they want to know if dental school is a desirable option.

The Job Outlook

One of the major components that goes into determining whether or not a job is desirable is the employment outlook. Are there going to be a lot of jobs available when you graduate? Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 21 percent projected rate of employment increase exists in this field for the years 2010 to 2020. The average job growth for occupations is 14 percent, so the field of dentistry is clearly above average. Though, to be sure, the outlook differs according to region, so those looking to become a Dentist in College Station, TX will likely have different options than those looking in the Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, or New York City regions.

The Salary

When individuals attend college and dental school, they often have to take out a lot of loans. Therefore, they want to know that they are eventually going to be able to make the money back and pay off their debt. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has positive information to report in this field as well. The site notes that the median salary of a dentist is $146,920 per year or a rate of $70.64 per hour. These numbers are as of 2010, so you could expect a possible slight increase in the future.

The Ability to be Self Employed

The American Dental Association, in its article "Ten Great Reasons to be a Dentist," reminds dental students that they have the ability to eventually become self employed. Many people want to work for themselves, set their own hours and have high levels of control over their business. When you choose to work as a dentist, you will have the opportunity to do so. You will likely have to work up a reputation in the community at another practice or with a partner before you open your own practice.

An Understanding of the Sciences

You also must consider your own strengths, abilities and weaknesses when you are deciding if dental school is the right option for you. Making a high salary and owning your own business certainly seem like two positive points; however, if you do not have the necessary tools to become a dentist, your endeavor is likely to fail. Evaluate how well-versed you are in the sciences and other disciplines related to the field of dentistry. Be prepared to take some extra courses if you have not succeeded in these types of classes.

A Passion for Dentistry

Ultimately, you also need to want to be a dentist in order to succeed at dental school. No matter how much money you make or how excellent of a schedule you have, your time spent at work is going to be miserable if you do not enjoy the job. Enroll in a college that has a pre-dental program, so you are able to take some courses in the field. If you are unable to find a college with such a program, you must at least look into taking some other classes that are related to the field in order to determine if this is the occupation for you.

Basically, whether or not dental school is a desirable option depends upon what you think. In terms of salary and job availability, yes, it is. However, if you do not like the field, then it is simply the wrong career for you to pursue.

This piece was composed by Reginald Wadsworth, a freelancer who focuses on education, professional training, employment trends and other topics. Those concerned about their oral hygiene should consider obtaining the services of an experienced dental professional with impeccable credentials and an established track record of success.


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