17 January 2013

Top 5 Business Majors in College

Business and related fields are some of the most popular college majors of all. After all, students who pursue these majors are almost guaranteed to find some kind of work upon graduation and, what’s more, they have a lot of options in terms of the type of work they do. While you can certainly get a generic business degree, it’s usually in your best interest if you have a more specific idea of what you want to do. These individuals don’t have to apply for general jobs, and they also show their employers that they have always been interested in and devoted to their particular field. Even if you’re not sure just yet which business major is right for you, take a look at this list of the top five business majors in college. One of them might just be the right choice for you!


Have you always had a head for mathematics? Do you enjoy the “number crunching” that most other people dread? Do you like dealing with money and helping people find ways to make their dollars go further? If so, then a career in accounting might be the right fit for you. Accountants work in many different settings. Some are personal accountants, working with their clients on an individualized basis. Others set up shop and work for the general public, while some are committed to the business world as a whole or to one or more specific businesses. A career in accounting is lucrative and many people find the work to be personally rewarding as well.


Marketing is not for everyone, but for some, it’ s an absolutely perfect fit. Those who work in the marketing world are usually dynamic and charming, creative and innovative, and have a head for sales, computing figures, budgeting money, and working with the general public. Prospective marketing majors should ask themselves? Am I naturally gifted at ‘promoting’ products and services? If I see an advertisement, do I almost instinctively create a mental list of potential improvements? If you answer these questions in the affirmative you’re well on your way toward a marketing degree. If you’ve been told that you could sell anything and if you’d like to come up with new ideas and see them put into action, consider majoring in marketing.

Business Administration

Some people are just natural born leaders, and those who are are usually quite well suited to a career in business administration. If you want to be the “big boss,” the one who pulls all the strings and who makes high-end executive decisions that have the power to affect an entire company and the people who work for it, then make business administration your major. Do be aware, however, that this is a high pressure, demanding career, but it is one that comes with a great amount of power, prestige, and usually, a pretty hefty salary.


If you’re the person who always seems to have money left over when everyone else is flat broke, and if you answer all of your friends’ financial questions with ease, then a career in finance is likely right up your alley. One of the great things about this major is that it’s so versatile in terms of what you can do with it! Finance majors often go on to become stockbrokers, investment bankers, relationship bankers, accountants, and so much more.

Global and/or International Management

Those who love to travel, who have an interest in international and foreign affairs, and who have a head for business and a love for other cultures often do well in global and/or international management positions. This job might call you to travel extensively or even to live abroad, a prospect that is thrilling for many. Plus, there’s no limit to where this job can take you. Even if you start with a lower level position, you can easily work your way up the career ladder with time and effort.

This piece was contributed by Terrence Gilman, a resident of the great city of Seattle and a freelancer with an interest in education, business and current global affairs; for those looking to further their education, be sure to view plc courses and other courses which offer training in high demand areas.