26 September 2012

What Can You do With an Education Degree?

A degree in education may seem like a one-way street to a lifetime in the classroom, but there are many different career options for people who don't want to teach in a classroom. For those who simply want to be involved in educating kids without the pressures of the classroom setting, alternative careers do exist. In fact, some of these career opportunities allow the educator a better opportunity to engage with young people.

Museums and cultural centers
Many museums and cultural centers need the services of professional educators. Qualified candidates can serve as tour group leaders, small group educators and customer service representatives. In each of these jobs, they will be educating and engaging with kids. Someone who works at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, for instance, will need to teach about Chickasaw history and culture each day while helping visitors of all ages during their visit.

Someone who works at a children’s museum will need to guide children in interaction with the exhibits throughout their visit. The same need exists in art museums, history museums and cultural centers throughout the country. In each of these locations, understandinging how to teach and guide children is a vital skill, even though no formal teaching happens.

Non-profit organizations
Non-profit organizations often work with children and need people who are trained to do so. For example, the Girl Scouts, YMCA and Big Brother/Big Sister programs all give people the chance to teach and guide children without being in a formal educational setting. Teachers often volunteer in these organizations in the summer, but the groups need long-term commitments as well. Those with a teaching degree who are not working in a classroom can find paid opportunities with these organizations. Whether someone serves as a counselor in a camp, helps out with an after-school care program or acts as executive director of one of these non-profits, training in education will be a vital asset.

Tutoring is teaching on a smaller scale. Rather than working with a classroom filled with students, a tutor interacts with students on a one-on-one basis. Personal attention can be quite powerful for both students and educators, as tutoring gives the teacher the chance to work with a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses and help him or her achieve.

Community educators
Community educators work with institutions and government groups to provide education to the community as a whole. Hospitals may need educators to help spread information about health and wellness programs. Government welfare agencies may need educators to teach about proper nutrition and exercise. Financial institutions may need educators to help promote their products and provide education about finances. A degree in education makes it far more likely to land a position as a community educator, regardless of the type of organization offering the educational programming.
Education does not have to happen just in the classroom. Opportunities to teach and learn exist at museums, cultural centers, tutoring facilities and many other locations. Each of these career options engage students' minds in a less formal venue than a classroom setting. Whether a teacher is looking for a break from the classroom or a young person is considering a degree and exercising their options, educational careers show just how flexible a teaching degree can be.


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