09 April 2012

Super Diverse and Plush Colleges

Super Diverse


Cornell University

Cornell University is full of some of the brightest minds from around the world. It is a very diverse place with many of its classes and organizations dedicated to individual cultures and peoples. Almost every ethnicity is represented in the student body at Cornell. The Cornell motto embraces "any person in any study."

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University takes pride in having a diverse student body. It has exchange programs with other countries and U.S. territories so that students can experience the outside world. Stony Brook also offers students many study abroad opportunities.

St. John’s University

St. John’s University is among the most diverse in the country. The student body represents over 100 different countries and there are student organizations for almost every ethnicity. Additionally, its proximity to Manhattan is a big plus for students.

New York University

NYU, like New York City, is full of different people. About ¾ of students are from out of state, so that brings droves of NY foreigners to the city. Everyone will find a place at NYU and every culture is represented.


University of Houston

People come from all over the world to study at Houston and the city reflects it as well. All religions and backgrounds are represented at Houston.

University of Miami

Miami is a very diverse city and the university reflects the diversity.  Spanish cultures are very strong and the exposure to other cultures is one thing that students love at Miami.


University of Chicago

University of Chicago is full of students from all over the world. About 80% of students come from out of state, so one is sure to find a wide variety of people. The school forces students of all backgrounds to live together, and students appreciate the perspective that the experience adds.

Andrew’s University

Andrew’s University is a small school in Michigan with students coming from dozens of different countries. The student body is made of all ethnicities and cultures. However, Andrew’s University is a religious school and might not be for everyone.

University of Illinois Chicago

University of Illinois Chicago often boasts about the diversity of its students. One will find any ethnicity, religion, culture, etc represented on campus and the school tries to incorporate minorities into daily life. The city of Chicago is also among the most diverse in the country.


California State University Long Beach

Cal State Long Beach is not far from Los Angeles, one of the most diverse cities in the world. A student here will find tons of variety as about 70% of students are from different ethnicities.

San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is so diverse that a student might feel like he is walking into a different country. There are clubs and organizations for everyone and every ethnicity. The student body represents almost every minority group.


Stanford goes out of its way to find diversity among its students. White students only account for about a third of the overall population, so other minorities are very numerous. To get in you need to already have the grades, but once accepted, Stanford is a world of its own.

University of Southern California

USC is right in Los Angeles, one of the most diverse cities in America. The campus represents all cultures, religions, and ethnicities through student groups and the general student body. There are many other cultural events in the greater LA area  for students to attend as well.



Smith College

Smith College has it all, from state of the art gyms to stables. Smith is not afraid to spend money in order renovate the campus or buildings. There is even an arts center which houses paintings from artists such as Picasso.

Wellesley College

Wellesley College has some great facilities available to the students. Most of the classrooms are high tech and there are plenty of couches for students to relax on. There is a movie theater on campus and the landscaping is absolutely beautiful.

Yale University

Yale University often reminds students of Hogwarts. Students are separated into “houses” before arrival and live with those houses all four years. The dorms themselves are like castles and one often expects to find Dumbledore at the head of the dining hall. Yale also has the second largest gym in the world, in addition to fun places to hang out, such as bookbinding studios, movie theaters, and woodshops.


Davidson College

Davidson College offers students excellent dorms. Some dorms have their own, free laundry service, and almost every room has its own sink. Seniors get to live in special college apartments, which underclassmen always envy. Davidson also has great hang out spots and athletic facilities.

Duke University

Duke University has some of the best gothic architecture in the south. The buildings are well kept and the athletic facilities are superb. The student centers are great and there is even a movie theater on campus.

Rice University

Rice University uses a residential college system like that of Yale. Students are assigned to a random house and usually live with that house all 4 years. Each college has its own advantages and specialties, but most are new or have just been renovated.  A new athletic center was just built, and TVs were recently added to exercise equipment at the gyms. There is also a movie theater on campus.


Grinnell College

Grinnell College is always working to renovate and revamp its campus and dorms. The school has its own movie theater and most of the dorms have a distinct character. Facilities around campus are among the best.

Washington University St. Louis

Washington University St. Louis offers students some of the best dorms and science facilities around. It recently built new dorms with elevators, almost private bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, etc, that the older dorms do not have. The school also just built new science buildings and an arts center that is top of the line.

Oberlin College

Oberlin College has some of the best facilities for learning. It has a great new science center and high tech Environmental Studies building. The athletic facilities and music rooms are top notch as well. There is even a bowling alley on campus!


Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is always expanding and renovating. The school just built a new business school, for example. The campus is also very beautiful and well maintained. Housing is great for all students and most dorms have a unique theme that students grow to love. 

Stanford University

Stanford is Stanford, and everything is great at Stanford. From the dorms to the dining halls and classrooms, everything is very well kept and updated. The campus itself brings to life the beautiful mission style architecture.

University of San Diego

Students love University of San Diego because it is at the top of a hill, overlooking the ocean. The school is well maintained and flowers are always blooming. The buildings themselves have some Spanish/mission flavor, which makes the entire school more pleasant. 

All images are from Google Images.