29 April 2011

How to Pick the Right College

Each year, high school seniors take the SAT’s. They visit colleges around the nation. Then, they apply to the colleges that seem like the best fit academically, socially and financially. If these students are lucky enough, they get accepted to multiple schools. So, which college should you pick? Ask yourself these key questions to help you determine the right college for you.

What are your academic goals?

It is helpful if you have an idea of which career path you would like to take. However, a lot of high school seniors do not know that yet. Do you want a liberal arts education, or something more specific? If you are science-minded, does the college have a good chemistry department? If you know your major, where does the college rank in that area? Research how many students at the school are studying your intended major and how many faculty members are devoted to it. If your major is not very popular, you might wish to visit some of the large universities.

How important is the social scene to you?

Are the sororities and fraternities an important factor to consider? Not all colleges have a Greek system. Does the school offer a variety of extracurricular activities? If you are a die-hard environmental activist and the college does not have an environmental organization, this could be an important consideration. The same advice can be applied to sports. If you are an all-star soccer player, is the school known for its soccer program? Seeking out a college directory may give you a lot of answers about the college’s social scene.

How is the living situation?

Do a lot of students live on campus, or do many of them commute? Visiting a college campus can give you insight into just how close the quarters are. Some colleges have issues with overcrowding, but if you do not mind sharing a dorm room with two or three roommates, then that should not be a problem. As you visit colleges, keep detailed notes. Do the dorm rooms each have a bathroom or is there just one bathroom per floor? Are the dorms co-ed? Do you have the option of off-campus housing? These are all questions to ask yourself.

Can you afford the college in question?

You may be surprised by the scholarships and grants that many colleges offer. Talk with someone in the college’s Financial Aid department or research grants online. Some sites, such as College Scholarships.org, provide instructions for how to apply for these grants.

If you are able to answer all of these questions, choosing the right college should not be a difficult feat.

-Louise Baker

Louise Baker is a freelance blogger and journalist who writes for Zen College Life, the directory of higher education, distance learning, and online degrees. She most recently wrote about where to get the best criminal justice degrees.


karterreya said...

They gave you good information to look into before going to college and the things you should look into while you in high school

Taylor said...

They give you good information to look into while you are still attending high school , so that you will know how to even look at things.

mizzdanceprincess said...

If you choose the right college it will be better for you or others to make something out of your family. Maybe if you pick the right college u want have to pay for your books.If you make a higher score on the act you go to a better college.

Cassandra B. said...

You should pick the college that is going to be right for you. Pick a college that you know that will help you and make your dreams come true.

how to pick a college major said...

You always have to check the surroundings if you feel the schools chemistry. This can be a big decision so you have to think wisely.

funding school said...

I agree that checking out the college's financial aid program is of utmost relevance even for students who are well-to-do just because the current economic situation is bleak and education cannot be put aside when a desperate time arrives.

Sharon said...

It is essential for every individual to take into consideration the future career. You need to base your college degree on the path that you think will give you the success. It's hard at first, but you just need to focus and get the degree that you like and love. If you want to have a career in the medical field, you may want to check several diagnostic medical sonography schools.

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