19 August 2010

2011 College Rankings

For the current rankings, make sure to read 2012 College Rankings.

The 2011 US News and World Report college rankings are finally out. US News and World Reports ranks the top universities every year, testing a variety of areas from professors to student happiness. The rankings are a valuable tool, but they do not mean everything. The top 20 universities this year are as follows:

1. Harvard
2. Princeton
3. Yale
4. Columbia
5. Stanford
5. University of Pennsylvania
7. Cal Tech
7. MIT
9. Dartmouth
9. Duke
9. University of Chicago
13. John Hopkins
13. Washington University in St. Louis
15. Brown
15. Cornell
17. Rice
17. Vanderbilt
19. Notre Dame
20. Emory

Some surprises are that Columbia jumped up to 4th and Stanford fell from 1st last year to 5th. U Penn also improved, as did Duke and Northwestern. Other than that, the rankings are pretty much the same. For a full list of the college rankings this year check out US News And World Reports college Rankings.

What about Liberal Arts Colleges? They are ranked by US News and World Reports as well, but their rankings do not change that much. So the top 10 liberal arts colleges are:

1. Williams
2. Amherst
3. Swarthmore
4. Middlebury
4. Wellesley
6. Bowdin 
6. Pomona
8. Carleton
9. Haverford
11. Claremont McKenna

There was no real change among the Liberal Arts colleges either. To view the full rankings click here.