19 February 2010

Tips To Help You Get Into College (part 4)

Continuing from Tips to Help You Get Into College (part 3), today we have tips 7 and 8. Last time I discussed standardized tests and college visits (in part 3) so tips 7 and 8 have to do with being organized and showing interest in colleges.

 7. Be Organized!!  College application for early decision are due on November 1st for most students. If students plan on applying to a college via early decision, then they had better meet these deadlines. This will probably require working on applications over the summer, but it is for college, so it's worth it. It is immensely important that students start to work on their college apps in all cases over the summer. Once school starts again in the fall, time just flies by and it will be December in what seemed like a few weeks. Stay on top of your applications!!  Missing deadlines is the WORST thing that you could do for colleges. Universities have so many other applicants that they will not fret over one lost potential student; there are 5 others who can just as easily fill that space (and who applied on time). Senior year is tough because many students choose to take multiple AP classes and are leaders in their classes and sports. This is all the more reason to be organized and get applications done piece by piece, whenever possible. There will be plenty of time for students to party and relax come March, when acceptance letters are mailed. Although I do NOT recommend it, from March on, seniors could basically just show up to class and twiddle their thumbs the rest of the year. This would get kind of boring, but you get the idea. The important thing is that students get all of their paperwork in on time and have the time to put into it. So, all that I can say is BE ORGANIZED!

8. Show some interest in the colleges that you want to attend. Although, in the grand scheme of applications interest is not as important as grades, tests, or extra curriculars, it is something that can make the difference between 2 students. College obviously want students who are interested in what the school has to offer, because above all else, they want students to enjoy their experience. They prefer to have students who will absolutely love the campus than students who will settle for it.  So how does a student show interest in college? The answer is actually pretty simple; sign up for their information. The colleges will email students information, and soon they will start to send snail mail. College visits help a lot too. Different colleges have different methods, so it is up to students to figure out the best way to show interest. You can find out how to have the college contact you on their official websites. Try to get their attention somehow.



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