26 September 2009

Tips to Help You get into College (part 2)

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Continuing on from Part 1 of Tips to Help You get into College, we have tips 3 and 4 today. To find part 1 please click here. Last time I discussed grades and extra curriculars, which are really the most obvious requirements to get into any college. Today tips 3 and 4 involve living life and finding a passion to represent you.

3. Live life. Nothing is more boring that someone who lack life experiences. Colleges know this and look for applicants who live active lives. One of the most important questions that colleges ask during the admission process is; "What can this student add to our student body that this other student cannot?" The solution- make sure to live an active life and participate all of the time. Additionally, living life will give you more experience in areas outside of the classroom. You will be a more well rounded person, thus more desirable to colleges. Granted, all schools need some book worms, but that is only a small portion of the student body. Your unique experiences make you interesting and make you stand out among other students. It is important not to let tests or grades completely destroy your life, because it will only hurt you in the long run. Save time for yourself to try something new, or go to the movies, or hang out with friends. Do not neglect your studying, but DO NOT over-study on a beautiful day, when you could go outside and have fun.

4. Find Something to Represent You- This is usually an activity or a hobby. This is THE activity that you spend most if not all of your free time on. It is something that you are dedicated to and are willing to practice, even if you have to stay up later to finish homework. For some people it is a sport, for others it is a hobby like juggling or painting, but you need to find something. Do not just party with friends all of the time, do something productive. Why? - because it makes you special. Colleges look for special students who would add to the student body, so you might be that student. Come time for filling out applications, this activity will really come in handy. You will probably be able to write essays about it shows that you are willing to dedicate yourself. This "something" is different for everyone so just go out and explore things that you enjoy.

5. Tests - Which tests are the most important? - In my humble, objective opinion the SAT IIs are the most important. They are like final that is the same for everyone in the world....

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