27 May 2009


 The Top 10 Things that a High School Student Needs to Know Before College
"There are plenty of things that high school students need to know, but I have compiled a list of a advice that is essential to all high school students to know before college. The sooner students read this list, the better..."

100 Organization Posts to Help You with School
"Many students start out the school year with every intention of staying organized, sticking to a study schedule and meeting personal goals. Where they end up come second semester is often a different story. Whether you’ve made it your resolution to be a more organized college student this year or just want to actually be able to use your desk space again..."

Using Extra Curriculars for College
It is no question that extra curricular activities are essential for college admissions. As I briefly discussed in my previous article Activities Outside of School, extra curriculars put a human face on an application that is otherwise just numbers and letters. The way that a student chooses to spend his or her time leaves a very large impact on college recruiters and admissions officers...

Crunch Time: How to Study for Finals
"Crunch time, as high school students like to call it, is the last 2 or so weeks before finals. This is when students finally realize that they had better get in gear and be prepared to sit down and crank out some serous studying. Here are some tips to help make studying easier..."

Is Test Prep Worth It?
"Many High School teens, at one time or another, ask themselves (their parents also ask) if test prep is worth the time and money. The answer to this question..."

Not Enough Time
"The life of a high school student is jam packed with so much more than people realize. It can be summed up in one common phrase: "I dont have the time." There really is no time in this day and age to do anything but school. There are not enough hours in a day for a high school student to accomplish everything that he/she needs, let alone wants....."

The AP Student
"It is common in this day and age for high school students to get little sleep on a regular basis. That is simply part of the high school experience. What varies is how often a student needs to sacrifice sleep in order to get work done. I introduce you to the AP student, one who spends more time studying than sleeping...."

Tips to Help You Get Into College (Part 3)
A continuation from part 2. "we have tips 5 and 6 today. Last time I discussed living life and finding something to represent you; today I will focus on tests and college visits. These are just as important as....."

Tips to Help You Get Into College (Part 2)
A continuation from part 1. "Last time I discussed grades and extra curriculars, which are really the most obvious requirements to get into any college. Today tips 3 and 4 involve living life and finding a passion...."

Tips to Help You Get into College
"Many teens/high school students are worried about college, and for good reason. College is VERY important and everyone should GO TO COLLEGE just to go. There are so many benefits to attaining a higher education...here are some tips and guidelines........."

2010 College Rankings
US NEWS AND WORLD REPORTS 2010 college rankings. With a brief summary about this year's rankings. There were a few surprising changes...

Fixing America's Education System
"One of Barack Obama's biggest goals as president is fixing American Education. The problem; too many students drop out of high school and college or don't even go to college, making them "useless" in society. Granted, we will always need people to flip our burgers and collect our garbage, but these people do not help to advance society as "learned" citizens do......"

Vacation is for Relaxing
"It seems that vacation gets shorter and shorter every year. In addition to this, holidays are being taken away. Long gone is Columbus Day, even other holidays are becoming shorter. Not only that, but schools now give homework over vacation. It is very rare to find a "good" school that does not give summer homework, Christmas homework, Thanksgiving homework, and Easter homework......"

Activities Outside of School
"Besides actual work in school, extra curricular activities are the determining factor for college admissions. A school might have two very smart and qualified applicants; one who plays computer games during his free time and another who volunteers at the local animal shelter. Who do you think that the school will admit most of the time?....."

School is Too Competitive
"Everyone wants to graduate the top of their class, valedictorian, with a 5.0 GPA, etc, but what does it all really mean and how do you get there? Well for starters, this is not for everyone, and if you are chasing after a school title, it is a lot of hard work. What does one of these titles get you? - honestly, not much for the work involved....."

The Biggest College Myth
"Everyone in today's society runs under the impression that going to a "good" college (good usually referring to Ivy League status) will help them achieve more in life. I hate to say it, but this is completely and utterly FALSE......"

Too Much Homework!!
"Every student says at one time or another that they have too much homework, as if the teachers care. Honestly, they don't. This is especially true if a student takes multiple honors or advanced placement classes, which give the most homework. The teacher simply says that "it is an advanced course, meaning that there has to be more homework....."

"Aside from the experience of college, there are many other advantages to attending a university, even if for just one year. This is the primary reason why president Obama encourages all Americans to attend at least one year of higher education at either a public or private school...."

We Fail At Education
"Although it is the most important test in a high school student's life, the SAT and education in America is seriously flawed. Students are trained from birth to do well on standardized tests such as the SAT and do not even get to be children anymore. With the creation of products to give your son or daughter a head start over other 2 year olds, children lose the most important aspect of their youth; their childhood...."

Just How Important are Standardized Tests??
"I hate to say it, (being an advocate against the test), but the SAT is probably the most important test that you will ever take. The only harder tests that I can think of are those needed to attend grad school. Although the SAT mainly measures how well one can take the test, it does provide a standard to weigh applicants in addition to their grades...."

Changes to the SAT II
"Great for the class of 2012 (somewhat), very unfortunate for the class of 2011(debateable) is the change to the SAT II in the University of California (UC) system. ..."

College Rankings