29 August 2009

2010 College Rankings

Julius Rosenwald HallImage via Wikipedia
US NEWS AND WORLD REPORTS just posted their 2010 college rankings for this year. There are a few surprises, but other than that the usual schools are in the top rankings. All of the Ivy Leagues are in the top 20 along with other notable schools; MIT, Stanford, and those goodies. A few schools that I thought were interesting were Princeton, which moved up to #1 along with Harvard, University of Chicago, which moved up to 8th, and Washington University in St. Louis, which moved up to 12th. For the full list of national college rankings go to US New and World Reports.

The list of Liberal Arts colleges looks about the same as it always does. Williams and Amherst are numbers 1 and 2 respectively followed by equally respectable schools. For this full list look at the Liberal Arts Ranking Page.


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