16 June 2009

Why Should I go to College? - GO TO COLLEGE!!!

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Aside from the experience of college, there are many other advantages to attending a university, even if for just one year. This is the primary reason why president Obama encourages all Americans to attend at least one year of higher education at either a public or private school.

The most obvious reason to attend college is that in this modern age, a high school education does not mean much anymore. High school does not provide specific training for a career that is necessary in today's world, unless working at a hamburger stand appeals to you. It does not matter where you go to college, just as long as you go. As opposed to high school, which is more of a liberal arts and general education, college can give you a specialization that is needed by modern society. Having work leads to other advantages of attending a university.

You will make more money and be happier after attending a university. By learning a career instead of general concepts, you put yourself in high demand for that field. According to the laws of supply and demand, if there is high demand for your job, then you will earn more money. There is a much higher demand for a criminologist or economist than there is for a burger flipper or lawn mower. For most people, more money means more happiness. You could afford to buy that new cell phone or computer, which in turn might make you happy. Success also makes people happy, and attending college makes you more likely to succeed in life.

Some unexpected advantages for college graduates are that they have longer life expectancies and are in better health than non grads. This comes from basic logic; having a steady income means that college graduates can afford better health care, which in turn leads to better and longer lives. Additionally, most college grads do not face the stress that non grads do when looking for well paying jobs. High school dropouts have the stress of moving from job to job, simply trying to earn enough money to feed themselves. College grads usually have a secure and well paying job compared to dropouts and do not face this unnecessary stress. Stress is known to shorten lifespan considerably.

The basic message is GO TO COLLEGE! It does not matter where, when, or how, just GO. You will live a better, happier, and longer life than students who drop out of high school or who just do not attend college. Below is an interesting link that is similar to this article and expands on ways to fix education.



My Colleges and Careers said...

This morning I was listening to the news and they were saying that younger people with less education in the state of Utah have been hit harder in the recession than those who have more education. It's definitely worth investing in so you can qualify for better jobs.