08 June 2009

Changes to the SAT II

Great for the class of 2012 (somewhat), very unfortunate for the class of 2011(debateable) is the change to the SAT II in the University of California (UC) system. Starting in the fall semester of 2012 SAT II will no longer be required by the UC schools, meaning that everyone has a more fair chance to attend a UC. For the full story look here http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/educators/counselors/resources/askuc/answers/polchg2012.html. Fewer tests to get into college WOOO!! right??? Not so much....
Some view this as a long overdue change while others think that it only makes college that much more competetive. What it really allows is the schools to make a more "desirable" student body without regard to the students' individual success. Someone who does well on a subject test will undoubtedly do better in college than someone who does not. These tests provide a standard to measure all applicants and judge their future success. This change makes getting into college that much harder for regular, or even smart students who are not a minority needed to make an "ideal" and diverse student body.


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